[MITgcm-support] Leith hor. viscosity

Dimitris Menemenlis menemenlis at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 17 17:06:45 EST 2005

> I have recently checked in some verification examples under
> MITgcm/verification/MLAdjust. These have commented data files for how
> to use viscC2Leith and also a modified C2Leith that also detects
> divergent motions as well as vortical, and also a brand-new
> Smagorinsky implementation!
> Please take a look, and if you still have questions, ask again here
> and I will give a more detailed answer that will be saved for
> posterity.

Hi Baylor, this is very exciting stuff!  A few questions for posterity's

1) Will modified C2Leith and brand-new Smagorinsky work with spherical
polar grid and with cubed-sphere grid?

2) If so, which of the six (harmonic and biharmonic) schemes would you 
recommend and under what circumstances?

3) Have you or will you implement Alistair's anisotropic-grid scaling 


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