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Hi Marco,

Welcome to the MITgcm-support list!

I've subscribed your "@yahoo.it" email address to this list so that any
further emails you send from there will get through.  And I've forwarded
your message below.

In regards to the model diagnostics, we've been working on these
quantities recently and the documentation has not kept pace with the
code development.  The quantities you want are available within the
diagnostics package and they are:

  RHOAnoma :: 'Density Anomaly (=Rho-rhoConst)'
  WRHOMASS :: 'Vertical Transport of Potential Density'
  WVELMASS :: 'Vertical Mass-Weighted Comp of Velocity (m/s)'

from which you can compute:

  \bar{w'\rho'} = \bar{w\rho} - \bar{w}\bar{\rho}

by averaging all the diagnostics output over the model run time.

The diagnostics are turned on using a "data.diagnostics" namelist file
such as the one in "MITgcm/ideal_2D_oce/input/data.diagnostics".

And I have some MatLAB scripts and C++ code that will compute these
averages from the diagnostics output if you'd like to use them.


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I'm Marco Gabelli from  Italy. I'm having a working
experience at the OGS (Department of Oceanology and
Environmental Geophysics) in Trieste. I'm using MITgcm
to study the effect of riverine buoyancy inputs on the
circulation in  coastal areas, with special reference
to the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic).

For diagnostic purposes I would be glad to have in the
model output these three quantities: time mean density
(calculated with the eostype 'JMD95Z'), and the time
mean correlation between the density and the vertical
velocity. Unfortunately I haven't found these two
quantities in the diagnostic menu list.

I wonder how can I activate the rho diagnostics: I
found a subroutine (diags_rho.f, 3 weeks old) that
seems to be what I was searching, but I don't
understand where it is located in the model call tree.
Could you please tell me how to solve this problem?
Thank you so much

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