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Dimitris Menemenlis menemenlis at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 7 10:34:19 EST 2005

> for z-coordinates:  both sea surface height and (atmospheric) surface
> pressure are included in phyHydLow. So, in order to get real bottom
> pressure anomaly you have to 1. substract the horizontal mean (there
> is a subroutine REMOVE_MEAN_RL, currently commented our, that does
> this "online":  it's called from dynamics.F at the very end before
> #ifdef ALLOW_DIAGNOSTICS. You'll find a copy of the routine in
> verication/global_ocean_pressure/code/remove_mean_rl.F, put it in
> your "code" directory and comment in the call in dynamics.F, but your
> can do this "offline" as well)

Martin, thanks for above tip!  With atmospheric pressure forcing turned 
on, I noticed some strange time-series drifts and discontinuities at 
restart (but had not yet dug in to understand what was going on). 
Likely this is because I did not subtract horizontal mean?

So what about the 999.8 mystery?  My own uncofirmed theory is that the 
MITgcm was written by "des marins d'eau douce" (freshwater mariners) to 
study the circulation of Walden Pond and laboratory tank experiments.

Cheers, D.

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