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> > From: Sergey Vinogradov <svinogra at aer.com>
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> > Subject: phiHydLow
> > Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 17:07:42 -0500
> > Hello, I'm new to this forum so I apologize if my question 
> > has been already discussed here before. I computed a flat 
> > bathymetry (H=3700m) run under atmosperic forcing. The 
> > values of phiHydLow variable are about 1273+/-0.5 Now I'm 
> > trying to understand what exactly is this value. If it is 
> > a deviation from gravity*rho0*H (anomaly) as it states in 
> > diags_phi_low.F, then shouldn't it be a small value with 
> > zero mean? I need bottom pressure anomaly, and it is not 
> > clear for me how to relate it with phiHydLow and if the 
> > atmospheric pressure and elevation are included. Thanks a 
> > lot in advance, Sergey Vinogradov

Hi Sergey,

I've subscribed you to the MITgcm-support list and am forwarding your
message (above).  Hopefully, someone else here can help you with your
phiHydLow question.


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