[MITgcm-support] tiles vs processors

chris hill cnh at mit.edu
Wed Feb 2 07:24:56 EST 2005

Its also what is used to support true shared memory parallelism.
mnc_assembly should be able to work for tiles and processes, not sure 
why it doesn't - I'll ask Ed.


Martin Losch wrote:
> Chris,
> something I never quite understood: Why do we have the capability for 
> multiple tiles per processors (the bi-bj-loops)? The only reason I see 
> is the cubed sphere grid. Are there any other situations in which it is 
> advantageous to have more than one tile per processor?
> As far as I can see the bi,bj indices do not say anything about 
> processor ID (how could they?), which is the reason why Ed's 
> mnc_assembly only worked with multiple tiles but not with multiple 
> processors.
> Martin
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