[MITgcm-support] "multiple tests" for testreport

Chris Hill cnh at mit.edu
Sun Mar 14 11:54:05 EST 2004


Sounds good - but we should be a little more structured:

We should use a tree structure for this otherwise it will get illegible and
like Dimitris I want code variants too. The final structure should be
something like.




 If we don't do this at the top of an experiment level we will end up with
too many directories at the top and it will look messy. 

 **NOTE** if we allow code_alt and input_alt arbitrarily together we will
have a combinatorial explostion! The combinations exercised would therefore
be limited to {"matching_NAME_pair:matching_NAME_pair", "nomatch_NAME:base",
"base:nomatch_NAME"}, where NAME is a subdirectory entry from
[input_alt|results_alt] and "a:b" are selections from input_alt:code_alt
respectively. This means that in results_alt/ we only need one name. 

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> Hi folks,
> Based on discussions with JMC and AJA, I've modified testreport so 
> that one can create multiple (similar) tests for each directory within 
> verification.  The idea is that input files can be shared between 
> similar tests.
> The way it works is that directories within verification will have 
> multiple tests run if they meet the following criteria:
>   1) the test dir must contain a "build" directory
>   2) the test dir must contain one or more extra "input" 
>      directories each with names of the format "input.*" 
>      (eg. input.alt_bathy, input.alt_forcing, etc.)
>   3) the test dir must contain one or more extra "output" 
>      files in the format "results/output.txt.*" where the 
>      extension on each file matches each of the extensions 
>      on the input.* dir names
> So an example would be:
>   exp0/input                  <== standard/shared input files 
>   exp0/input.ex               <== extra and/or modif inputs
>   exp0/results/output.txt.ex  <== results for the ".ex" case
> Please let me know if you have any ideas for improvements.  
> JMC said he would soon check in some examples to demonstrate it.  And 
> attached is an example of the output it generates.
> Ed
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