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Jody Klymak jklymak at uvic.ca
Fri Jan 3 15:31:57 EST 2020

Hi Andrew,

I didn’t spend a lot of time looking, but KPP seems to call `FIND_RHO_2D` to calcualate (for instance) `dbloc`, which should return whatever density you specified in your equation of state. 

Where did you see that it is hardcoded? 

Cheers,   Jody

> On 3 Jan 2020, at 11:32, Andrew Grace <andrew.grace at uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I'm trying to use the KPP package in a freshwater setup but the water temperatures are all below the density maximum, meaning that cooler water over warm water is stable. I noticed that in kpp_calc.F, the surface buoyancy is calculated using a hardcoded linear equation of state, and therefore, when then code determines the stability of the water column, it is deemed unstable when it should not be. This is how I understand it.  
> I just want to confirm that the KPP package requires modification before it can be used in situations where an inverse stratification is stable. I also apologize if this question has been asked before. 
> Thanks in advance.
> Andrew P. Grace
> Graduate Student
> Department of Applied Mathematics
> University of Waterloo
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