[MITgcm-support] Getting Backtrace error

kunal madkaiker kunal.madkaiker02 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 02:35:04 EST 2020

Dear All,

I am trying to run a simulation by initializing monthly climatology data
for temp, salinity and boundary currents, and providing daily forcing of
and moisture fluxes through data.exf (period=86400). My external forcing
period and cycle are 86400 (daily) in data. I am running model for June
30 days (i.e. 2592000 sec) with delT of 120 sec (thus, total iterations of

I get a backtrace error as follows:
At line 2079 of file mdsio_read_field.f (unit = 9, file =
Fortran runtime error: Non-existing record number

Error termination. Backtrace:
#0  0x7f657dca12da in ???
#1  0x7f657dca1ec5 in ???
#2  0x7f657dca268d in ???
#3  0x7f657de1c1ef in ???
#4  0x5650dd4fd4ff in ???
#5  0x5650dd5abc62 in ???
#6  0x5650dd4a06a1 in ???
#7  0x5650dd4a168a in ???
#8  0x5650dd487c3b in ???
#9  0x5650dd4894ac in ???
#10  0x5650dd69b94e in ???
#11  0x5650dd65e060 in ???
#12  0x5650dd69e0dc in ???
#13  0x5650dd6bce1c in ???
#14  0x5650dd6bcfaa in ???
#15  0x5650dd5ff378 in ???
#16  0x5650dd5ff60b in ???
#17  0x7f657d518b96 in ???
#18  0x5650dd47eb09 in ???
#19  0xffffffffffffffff in ???

I am getting this error on the 20880th iteration (start of 30th day run)
>From what I understand, my model is giving an output of 31 days (i.e. 1st
June to 1st July). The 1st day output (1st June) I get is nothing but
input data that is being fed, whereas the fluxes are forced for 30 days. So
it seems there is a mis-match of data that is happening.

How can I fix this? Can I let model to not simulate the first day run which
is nothing but the input data OR
do I have to add a dummy data at the initial timestep in my externally
forced data, so that it becomes 31 days

Attaching my data, data.exf file. Kindly assist.

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