[MITgcm-support] Bottom convection in Rotating tank model

Hari, Venkata Uday Bhaskar vubhari at mun.ca
Tue Mar 13 10:40:04 EDT 2018

Hi all,

I am using /rotating_tank/ package for my Master's course. The model
configuration uses a differentially heated rotating annulus with cold inner
wall and heating on the outer wall.

I would like to use the model for simulation with bottom convection with
heating from the bottom(using a heating coil) and/or cooling on the surface
of the water.

Can I get help with the parameters to be changed? I see that the *input/data/
*file specifies temperature values using the parameters *tCylIn *and *tCylOut.
*The *hydrogThetaFile, 'thetaPol.bin',* file reads initial values of
temperature. How do I modify these parameters to run a model with bottom

Thank You

Uday Bhaskar
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