[MITgcm-support] KPP parameters not read?

Donald Slater daslater at ucsd.edu
Tue Oct 17 19:06:38 EDT 2017


I am running some simulations with the KPP package enabled, but I think I have a strange problem reading parameters from data.kpp. I noticed this because I changed some parameters (difm0, difs0 and dift0) without having any effect on my simulation.

The output stream from my simulation suggests that data.kpp is being read (i.e. I get the lines "KPP_INIT: opening data.kpp … OPEN_COPY_DATA_FILE: opening file data.kpp ... KPP_INIT: finished reading data.kpp”).

However if I try to trip the simulation up by inserting things which don’t make sense into data.kpp, for example setting "difm0 = Donald”, the simulation carries on as usual with the default value for difm0 and no error messages. In contrast, if I insert something silly into data.icefront (e.g. icefrontthetasurface = Donald), the simulation immediately stops. This suggests to me that somehow difm0 (and perhaps the other parameters in data.kpp) are not actually being read.

This reminds me a little of another message on the support list (http://mailman.mitgcm.org/pipermail/mitgcm-support/2005-July/003245.html). I’ve looked at kpp_readparms and compared it to similar files for other packages but can’t see anything amiss.

Has anyone experienced this or can offer any pointers as to what might be going on?

Many thanks,

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