[MITgcm-support] too SMALL rStarFac

Alexandre Pohl alexandre.pohl at lsce.ipsl.fr
Mon May 30 03:20:20 EDT 2016

Dear users,

I am running a coupled configuration of the MITgcm, using the 'aim_v23' and 'thsice' packages, with ' select_rStar=2' in the ocean (i.e., r* vertical coordinate). 
In the coldest of my runs, I am getting this error message, which forces the model run to stop.

 fail at i,j=   4  20 ; rStarFacW,H,eta =  0.199998  1.824900E+02 -1.414777E+02 -1.505953E+02
WARNING: r*FacW < hFacInf at       1 pts : bi,bj,Thid,Iter=   1   1   1  48123658
STOP in CALC_R_STAR : too SMALL rStarFac[C,W,S] !

Please note that I am using sea-ice diffusivity, and the following parameters in 'ocn/data': 

Could anyone help me solve this issue ?

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