[MITgcm-support] SEAICE pkg, unstable HEFF

Mari Fjalstad Jensen Mari.F.Jensen at uib.no
Tue Mar 29 08:10:41 EDT 2016

I am having some problems with the seaice pkg.
I am doing some simulations with a run for a 1000*2250 km domain, 5km 
horz resolution and 30 depth levels, SEAICE pkg on.

Freshwater is added through EmP in a roughly 25000 km^2 area.
The run crashes after about 10 years when adding 0.08 Sv of 
precipitation. The problem seems to be in two grid cells where the 
sea-ice thickness (HEFF) increases with 50 m in one time step (400s). 
The grid cells are located just at the edge of where I add freshwater. I 
do not have this problem when adding less or no freshwater.

Any help with which SEAICE parameters to change would be highly appreciated.

# SEAICE parameters
       SEAICEwriteState   = .TRUE.,
       SEAICEadvScheme    = 33,
       SEAICE_initialHEFF = 0.0,
       SEAICE_deltaTtherm = 400.,
       SEAICE_deltaTdyn   = 400.,
       SEAICE_deltaTevp   = 20.,
       SEAICE_multDim     = 1,
       ICE2WATR           = 0.92D0,
  SEAICEadvSnow = .FALSE.,
  SEAICEuseFlooding  = .FALSE.,

I have tried varying diffusion/viscosity parameters and domain where I 
add freshwater without success..

Best Regards,

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