[MITgcm-support] strange mnc behavior

Ruth Musgrave rmusg at mit.edu
Sun Dec 4 14:28:04 EST 2016


when I configure my data.diagnostics to output each variable to a different file, I encounter the following error after 53 snapshots have already been written to the file phiHyd.0000052596.t001.nc:

(PID.TID 0000.0001) *** ERROR *** MNC ERROR: dimension 'Z' does not exist for file 'phiHyd.0000052596.t001.nc’

the error is in agreement with ncdump -h, which reports the dimensions present in the file phiHyd.0000052596.t001.nc are:

	T = UNLIMITED ; // (53 currently)
	Zmd000020 = 20 ;
	X = 240 ;
	Y = 46 ;

The vertical dimension is always recorded in my netcdf output as “Zmd000020” or “Zld000020”, depending on the variable - I only recall ever seeing a dimension “Z” in the “state*.nc” outputs. I am not sure why the code suddenly starts looking for that dimension half way through the run. The error occurs at the same timestep whether I start the simulation from a pickup or from t=0.

When I configure my data.diagnostics to output all of my variables to the same file, it completes my simulation without error.

This is not critically important as for the time being I’ve found a work around, but in case someone knows what’s going on it would be good to understand. I’m attaching two versions of my data.diagnostics: data.diagnosticsWORKS and data.diagnosticsFAILS. Hopefully the naming convention is self explanatory.

Thanks in advance for any clues.


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