[MITgcm-support] Problem with vertical grid.

Martin Losch Martin.Losch at awi.de
Wed Oct 21 03:46:43 EDT 2015

Hi Josué,

usually these errors are not connected to delR directly, but to some previous error in the namelist, for example (I am only guessing), you specify too many values for delX and then something funny happens in memory and in the logic of ini_parms.F 
For constant dx/dy I would use dxSpacing = 0.05, dySpacing = 0.05 to avoid this type of problem, but again I am only guessing. 
I would print (print *, delR) the values of delX,delY,delR right after they are read in ini_parms.F (around/after line 1062) so see what the model really reads, maybe that gives you a hint.


> On 21 Oct 2015, at 04:45, Josué Martínez Moreno <josue_pingu at ciencias.unam.mx> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to build, on Ubuntu 14.04, gfortran 4.8 and Intel i7 (8-core), an experiment based in lab_sea, and I defined the grid as the bathimetry file in the data file:
> ygOrigin = 18.1,
> xgOrigin = 261.85,
> delY   =  269*0.05,
> delX   =  352*0.05,
> delR  =  20*5.,10*10.,4*25.,5*100.,2*200.,1*300.,6*500.,
> Also I tried to generate a binary file with the delY vector.
> And I got an error in the compilation, the message is:
> (PID.TID 0000.0001) Enter INI_VERTICAL_GRID: setInterFDr=    F ; setCenterDr=    F
> S/R INI_VERTICAL_GRID: neither delR nor delRc are defined
> S/R INI_VERTICAL_GRID: Need at least 1 of the 2 (delR,delRc)
> Even when the delR parameter was defined in the data file.
> I am sure I am doing something wrong, could you help?
> Have a great day
> Josué Martínez Moreno
> Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
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