[MITgcm-support] Smagorinsky 3D tendency diagnostics

Ruth Musgrave rmusgrave at ucsd.edu
Sun Dec 7 18:02:12 EST 2014


I am running internal wave type simulations using the Smagorinsky 3D
turbulence closure, however I think that there might be some
inconsistencies in the momentum dissipation diagnostics when Smag 3D is
turned on.

Looking in dynamics.F, it seems like Um_Diss and Vm_Diss are filled as
diagnostics in mom_fluxform before mom_uv_smag_3d is called, which means
that they don't include the smag3D contribution to the tendency.
However, Wm_Diss is filled in gw_calc after a call to mom_w_smag_3d,
which means it does include the smag 3d contribution. I can't find any
specific diagnostics relating to 3D Smagorinsky to disentangle all this.

I have tried "fixing" the above by adding more diagnostics specifically
for the Smag 3D terms, but my energy budgets still don't close, so I'm
probably totally off track, or doing it wrong. Any thoughts/guidance
would be greatly appreciated.


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