[MITgcm-support] ice package in coupled atmosphere ocean tutorial (cpl_aim+ocn)

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Hi All,

Further to my last past:

I plotted the temperature from the first few layers vs time at location  46 degree W, 56.218 degree S. Please take a look at the attached figure. The temperature in layer 1 shows expected behavior which is that the temperature is either equal to or above the freezing temperature. Although the thsice package is only attached to the atmospheric model, it can access the SST (and change them), through the coupler. Is this true?

The temperature in the 2nd  layer and at times the 3rd layer is below the freezing temperature (although the 3rd layer temperature shows a gradual rise from the 17th year onwards). Is this the expected trend in the initial stages of the model spinup ? And will this trend go away with a longer run? 

Thanks a lot


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Hi All,

In the coupled atmosphere ocean tutorial (cpl_aim+ocn), the ice package(thsice) is not included in data.pkg in /input_ocn or packages.conf in /code_ocn. Does this mean that the ocean solver does not interact with the ice (although the atmospheric solver does since thsice package is present in /input_atm/data.pkg and /code_atm/packages.conf). After running the coupled model for a few years, the temperature in the second layer of the ocean is seen to be as low as  -5 deg. This appears to be low and unrealistic. I was wondering if someone can give a few pointers on the coupling between ice, ocean and atmosphere. 

Thanks in advance 

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