[MITgcm-support] externalForcing fails at ini_params

Jody Klymak jklymak at uvic.ca
Tue Nov 20 13:05:25 EST 2012

Hi All,

Trying to set periodicExternalForcing and I'm failing on the following snippet from ini_params.F (line 872)

      ELSEIF ( INT(externForcingCycle/externForcingPeriod) .NE.
     &              externForcingCycle/externForcingPeriod ) THEN
     &   'S/R INI_PARMS: externForcingCycle <> N*externForcingPeriod'

my data file has:


which I'm pretty sure is an integer multiple of each other.  Obviously its a round-off error.  Is there some reason this check is so strict?  Or is there a compiler flag I should use to make comparisons like this be less strict?

The same check occurs in get_periodic_interval.F

Thanks,   Jody

Jody Klymak    

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