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Mon Mar 19 18:38:47 EDT 2012


When I genmake2 the codes on a cluster, I got this feedback, although I still can compile and run the model and the output also seems all right.

===  Checking system libraries  ===
  Do we have the system() command using mpif77...  yes
  Do we have the fdate() command using mpif77...  yes
  Do we have the etime() command using mpif77...  no
  Can we call simple C routines (here, "cloc()") using mpif77...  yes
  Can we unlimit the stack size using mpif77...  yes
  Can we register a signal handler using mpif77...  yes
  Can we use stat() through C calls...  yes
  Can we create NetCDF-enabled binaries...  no

Anyone knows how to make etime() to "yes"? Will this interfere with my simulation?

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