[MITgcm-support] Turbulent Ice-Ocean heat flux

Alexander Slavin aslavin at mun.ca
Tue Jul 31 12:49:24 EDT 2012

Hello MITgcm users,

I have a question concerning turbulent Ice-Ocean heat flux.
Do MITgcm have some diagnostics available to output it?

The analytical formula based on bulk formulation can be written as:
Focn = Csens * Cp * Rho * (Ui-Uw)^2 * (Ti -Tw)

In pkg/seaice/seaice_growth.F I have found this variable for turbulent
ocean-ice heat flux converted to meters of potential ice melt:

a_QbyOCN(i,j) = -tmpscal1 * (HeatCapacity_Cp*rhoConst/QI)
&                                 * (theta(I,J,kSurface,bi,bj)-TBC)

After that I can divide it by convertQ2HI to obtain heat flux in W/m^2:

TurbIOCN(I,J) = a_QbyOCN(I,J) / convertQ2HI

Is it correct? If yes, why was the dependence on the relative ocean-ice
velocity (or the Ustar) dropped? I see that Ustar was calculated for the
McPhee option, but this part of the code does not seem to be operational.

Any help that you may provide regarding this issue would be welcome.

Thank you,
Alexander Slavin,
McGill University, Canada

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