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did you read the (admittedly sparse) documentation on this package? If not, here it is: <http://mitgcm.org/public/r2_manual/latest/online_documents/node236.html>

> Topography is 260 x 360,
I assume then nx=260, ny=360, is that correct?
OB_Jsouth marks the J index for the open boundary, there can be at best nx (=260 in your case) of these indices. If, for example, the grid points 111:160 along j=1 are your open boundaries, you could set OB_Jsouth(111:160)=50*1, if all can be open boundaries, set OB_Jsouth=260*1, then you can control the open points by having non-zero topography.
You specify the actual values for the southern boundaries with OBStFile/OBSsFile, etc. see table 6.3 in the documentation and example verification/exp4

Hope that helps,

On Jul 24, 2012, at 4:38 PM, mohammad akbari wrote:

> Hi MITgcm users,
> Topography is 260 x 360,
> On the right side, 40 grid have open boundary, And  On the left side,
> 100 grid have open boundary, and bottom section, 50 grid have open
> boundary.
> I have a doubt regarding Open Boundary Conditions.
> data.obcs
> # Open-boundaries
> OBCSfixTopo=.FALSE.,
> #OB_Jnorth=360*-1,
> OB_Jsouth=360*1,
> OB_Ieast=260*-1,
> OB_Iwest=260*1,
> My query is (1) How can enter  boundary measurement values area 2:
> Whether this is true
> thanking all in advance,
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