[MITgcm-support] aim.5l_LatLon Topography File Format

taimaz.bahadory taimaz.bahadory at mun.ca
Wed Jul 18 08:44:52 EDT 2012

Hi everybody;

I'm trying to replace the "topo.filt_55.bin" in the "aim.5l_LatLon" input
directory with a topography file of mine, but the problem is I don't know
how was the "topo.filt_55.bin" file organized initially, that is, is it a
3D data file containing only 0 and 1, or a 2D data file with values showing
the height of each point.
The model is running using this file with a 128x64 grid and 5 vertical
layers. I generated two different arbitrary binary files, one containing 3D
(128x64x5) zero and ones, and the other a 2D binary file (128x64) with
heights, both makes errors.
Any suggestion to use topo-files other that the one provided with the
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