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Thu Oct 27 09:13:38 EDT 2011

it is usually a problem in passing the values of the netcdf variable to
genmake2. What follows is what I do to track down this problem by looking
at genmake.log (will appear after you run genmake2): create a file (genmake_tnc.F)
like the one shown in genmake.log in the netcdf section (towards the end),
and try to compile it with the command line(s) that you can also find in
genmake.log. In my previous example that would be (don't use this, but
the corresponding lines in your own genmake.log):<br>
1. this one creates genmake_tnc.f<br>
cat genmake_tnc.F | &nbsp;cpp -traditional -P -DWORDLENGTH=4 -DALLOW_USE_MPI
-DHAVE_SIGREG -DHAVE_STAT -I/uv/soft/netcdf/3.6.3-intel/include -I/opt/sgi/mpt/mpt-2.05/include<br>
2. this one compiles<br>
ifort &nbsp;-W0 -WB -convert big_endian -assume byterecl -fPIC -O3 -align
-c genmake_tnc.f<br>
3. this one links the libraries to create the executable<br>
ifort &nbsp;-W0 -WB -convert big_endian -assume byterecl -fPIC -O3 -align
-o genmake_tnc genmake_tnc.o -L/uv/soft/netcdf/3.6.3-intel/lib/ -lmpi -lnetcdf<br>
Then you'll have to tinker with the flags etc, until this works &quot;offline&quot;,
and then you can add the appropriate lines in the build option file (INCLUDES=&quot;$INCLUDES
-I/uv/soft/netcdf/3.6.3-intel/include&quot;, LIBS=&quot;$LIBS -L/uv/soft/netcdf/3.6.3-intel/lib&quot;).<br>
On Jul 30, 2012, at 7:30 PM, Patti M Sheaffer wrote:<br>
&gt; &nbsp;Specifically, what is an &quot;inverted comma?&quot; <br>
&gt; <br>
&gt; I've noticed some issues with library linking with the -lnetcdf call
to <br>
&gt; gcc this way and am very curious for the fix! &nbsp;The best I've
been able <br>
&gt; to do is to specifically name the library in the call. &nbsp;I've
built several <br>
&gt; &nbsp;of these codes and always have the same problem with netcdf.
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