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Madhu madhu.iitd at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 02:34:53 EDT 2011

Hi All

I am new user to MITGCM and want to use the model for eastern coast of India
(in Bay Of Bengal) to study the internal waves.

I have tested the model for rectangular domain. It has run and results are

But ultimately i have to run the model using orthogonal curvilinear grids
(attached as *.pdf) to reduce the computational time. I have generated the
curvilinear grids/bathy and associated parameters are LONC.bin, LATC.bin,
DXF.bin, DYF.bin, RA.bin, topo.bin etc. When the model is run with new grid
setup , it failed to run and gave the Error massage as follows.


$./mitgcmuv >curvi.txt

** WARNING ** INI_MODEL_IO: use tiled-files to write sections (for OBCS)

EXCH1_RS_CUBE: Wrong Tiling

EXCH1_RS_CUBE: works only with sNx=sNy & nSx=6 & nSy=nPx=nPy=1




 I want to test it first with single tile case hence in 'SIZE.h'  file the
setup was as follow

& sNx = 50,

& sNy = 100,

& OLx = 1,

& OLy = 1,

& nSx = 1,

& nSy = 1,

& nPx = 1,

& nPy = 1,

& Nx = sNx*nSx*nPx,

& Ny = sNy*nSy*nPy,

& Nr = 5)

I will be happy to know,  If there is any suggestion with which i can
resolve this issue.

Also if there is any other similar test case please send the information.

Waiting for reply

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