[MITgcm-support] segmentation fault problem

q li qliuri at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 9 23:40:53 EDT 2010

Hi users,

I am having a segmentation problem on a AMD64 cluster (ifort, mpich2). I got a 
warning (see below) when I compiled it. Then I got an error of segmentation 
fault. I thought it was a stack problem, but the same error still occurs even if 
I change "ulimit -s unlimited". Anyone had this problem before?


Here is the warning and error:

[hiphop at node4 build]$ make > makeoutput.txt
sigreg.c(46): warning #556: a value of type "void *" cannot be assigned to an 
entity of type "void (*)(int, siginfo_t *, void *)"
      s.sa_sigaction = (void *)killhandler;
[hiphop at node4 run]$ !mpi
mpirun -np 1 ./mitgcmuv 
forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
rank 0 in job 30  node4_46608   caused collective abort of all ranks
  exit status of rank 0: killed by signal 9 

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