[MITgcm-support] Online PV Diagnostics

Nico Wienders wienders at ocean.fsu.edu
Sun Jun 28 11:42:56 EDT 2009

Sir Abernathey

> So is there anything out there to compute PV online, as a diagnostic?

The diagnostics package would be, i believe, a way for you to proceeed.
Here is an exemple of a data.diagnostics file and the terms we use for  
such purpose.


   frequency(1)  = 3600.,
    fields(1,1)  = 'MXLDEPTH',
    filename(1)  = 'diags1',
    frequency(2) = 3600.,
    fields(1,2)= 'TOTTTEND','ADVr_TH ','ADVx_TH ','ADVy_TH ','DFrE_TH  
','DFxE_TH ','DFyE_TH ','DFrI_TH ','THETA   ',
    filename(2) = 'diagsth',
   frequency(3)  = 3600.,
    fields(1,2)= 'TOTUTEND', 'TOTVTEND','Um_Advec','Vm_Advec','Um_Cori  
','Vm_Cori ','PHIHYD  ','PHI_NH  ','UVEL    ','VVEL    ','WVEL     
','Um_Diss ','Vm_Diss ',
    filename(3)  = 'diagsmom',


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