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Martin Losch Martin.Losch at awi.de
Fri Oct 3 05:46:16 EDT 2008

"tave" stands for time average. Apparently you have the package  
"timeave" enabled and tavefreq > 0 in the parameter list file "data".  
This gives a predefined set of output variables average over  
"tavefreq" (should really be called "period" and not "frequency").
This package "timeave" is old and before I explain all of these  
variables, I recommend switching to the diagnostics package which is  
far more flexible and "user friendly" (once you've understood it's  
principles. In order to do that: in code/packages.conf you remove the  
line timeave and replace it with diagnostics, then you put pkg/ 
diagnostics/DIAGNOSTICS_SIZE.h into your code directory, edit it to  
have enough output variables availablen, then in your build directory  
you repeat the entire build process: "make makefile && make CLEAN &&  
make depend && make". In data.diagnostics you can then select which  
fields you want to save at which intervals (running the model once  
will give you a file available_diagnostics.log, which gives you a  
list of, nomen est omen, available diagnostic variables for your  
specific configuration with a short descriptioin of what they are).  
See the documentation on this for more details:
and example data.diagnostics in some of the verifcation experiments  
"find ./*/input/ -name data.diagnostics -print" in verification to  
find our where they are).

If you don't want to do that, then the variables are mostly  
straightforward, eg. ETAtave is the average of ETA (sea surface  
elevation), uVeltave is the horizontal velocity in i-(probably  
longitude in  your case) direction, UUtave is u^2, etc.

On 3 Oct 2008, at 09:39, Letizia Congedi wrote:

> Dear All,
> I am an Italian PhD. Part of my research deals with the
> application of the MITgcm to Mediterranean basin and to forecast
> circulation sea in the future scenarios.
> I have some problems with the model output; in particular I do not
> understand the output variable of the model, could you help me,  
> please ?
> The question is :
> What variables contain these output files.data ?
> alphatave
> betatave
> Convtave
> Densitytave
> Eta2tave
> ETAtave
> hUtave
> hVtave
> PhHytave
> PHL2tave
> PHLtave
> sFluxtave
> Stave
> Tdiftave
> tFluxtave
> Ttave
> TTtave
> uFluxtave
> UStave
> UTtave
> UUtave
> uVeltave
> UVtave
> uZtave
> vFluxtave
> VStave
> VTtave
> vVeltave
> VVtave
> vZtave
> WStave
> WTtave
> wVeltave
> Best regards
> Letizia Congedi
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> Dt. Letizia Congedi
> PhD FIS-06
> Department of Materials Science -
> University of Salento -
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