[MITgcm-support] obcs balance

Martin Losch Martin.Losch at awi.de
Wed Dec 17 09:13:04 EST 2008

Hi there,

I've had a quick look through your files. There are a few things you  
can try to narrow down the problem:
1. set exactConserv=.true. in data (PARM01); this should improve the  
conservation of volume.
2. close all of you boundaries (e.g. by creating a topography with a  
wall at i=1 and j=1) and see what happens
3. with the open boundaries turned on, do not prescript the  
velocities normal to the boundaries (the default should be zero, so  
that there should not be any flux of volume through the boundaries).

PS. can you try to reproduce your problem with a smaller domain for  
faster integrations (say a 10x20 or so box). that would make  
debugging simpler for you and then we could try this on one of our  
machine and by that help you much better.

On 16 Dec 2008, at 10:53, 名 徐 wrote:

> Thank you for your answer,I have sent the all files you need on  
> enclosure.
> 好玩贺卡等你发,邮箱贺卡全新上线!<data.zip>
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