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Maxiaohui maxiaohui823 at yahoo.cn
Sun Aug 31 21:24:07 EDT 2008

Hi all,
  I am now trying an experiment in an (121x61x23) area(resolution:1/6x1/6°) with open boundary. I have prepared u, v  t s (121x23x12 or 61x23x12) at the south and east boundary with twelve months,since the north and west boundary are on the land .I also use heatflux ,freshwater flux and wind filed(121 x61 x12) as the external forcing and t s field( 121 x61x23 12) as the initial field, all these files are twelve months.
  Now I am confused  at how to set the parameters.Could anyone tell me how to set the parameters in data.obcs and data file?  Could you give me an example?
  I will appreciate your help very much!

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