[MITgcm-support] Question: boundary exchange, hrcube condfiguration

Michael Schroeter Michael.Schroeter at awi.de
Fri Jun 22 08:14:26 EDT 2007


as Martin already reported in an earlier posting
we have some unexpected scaling behaviour on a IBM p690
(cubed sphere configuration, 16 passive tracers).

We found out that the boundary exchange of the ptracers data seems to be
responsible for the slow down of the code. Now we have some ideas for
code optimazation.

However, there is one thing in the current code I do not unterstand.
In "exch2_3d_rl.F" the subroutine "EXCH2_RL1_CUBE" is called two times
with exactly the same values for the argument list parameters
(even if the cpp option "W2_FILL_NULL_REGIONS" is undefined).
Can anybody explain that to me?

Thanks in advance.


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