[MITgcm-support] Initialization question

Martin Losch Martin.Losch at awi.de
Fri Jun 15 16:42:18 EDT 2007

Hi Bill,

that's great, I have once tried to trace down this warning/error but  
was not persistent enough. I am not an expert on the mdsio pkg, but I  
know so much about it that I never touch it (o:

Seriously, after having a quick look at the code I found that  
mdsio_readfield.F no longer exists, but now it's called  
mdsio_read_field.F (and the subroutine is also called  
MDSIO_READ_FIELD, called frorm MDSREADFIELD called from  
READ_FLD_XYZ_RL). Can you reproduce this warning with the latest code?

Also: in mdsio_read_field, how do you know it's an "unnamed" global  
file? There is this statement in mdsio_read_field:
             OPEN( dUnit, file=dataFName, status='old',
      &            access='direct', recl=length_of_rec )
and the read statement is
               READ(dUnit,rec=irec) r4seg
So the name of the file is dataFName. What's the value of dataFName?  
It should be the name of your file that holds the initial values of  
theta, as specified in "data", namelist PARM05, hydrogThetaFile = '???',

If this file contains random values or NaNs it may have to do with a  
big/little endian issue (which can be fixed by setting a compiler  
flag or a CPP-flag _BYTESWAPIO in the build_options file)?


On 14 Jun 2007, at 21:05, William Aiken wrote:

> I have been investigating why I get
>>>  Note: IEEE floating-point exception flags raised:
>>>     Inexact;  Invalid Operation;
> messages when I build and run the exp2 model and verification case
> on my Solaris x64 system.
> I followed the logic through:
> main
>  the_main_model
>   initialize_varia
>    ini_fields
>     ini_theta
>      read_fld_xyz_rl
>       mdsio_readfield
>        mdsio_seg4torl
> I'm opening an unnamed global file in mdsio_readfield, reading each
> record into r4seg and passing this array to MDS_SEG4toRL, where the  
> data
> is copied to array arr. The values in r4seg seem to be random,  
> differing
> by 30 orders of magnitude or more, but at least one of the values is
> -NaN. The above IEEE warnings are triggered when this value is  
> copied to
> arr.
> I'd like to sanitize this part of MITgcm to detect NaN's when reading
> the input, but am an MITgcm newbie and unsure where the best place in
> the code is to do these checks.
> Is mdsio_readfield the best routine to change in this case, or is  
> there
> another routine which writes the random data to a file which is then
> read by mdsio_readfield?
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Bill
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