[MITgcm-support] Suggestions for making MITgcm accessible

william aiken William.Aiken at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 5 16:25:23 EDT 2007

Dear support alias,

  I was able to provide a build_option file that enables the 64 bit
Solaris x86 version of MITgcm (checkpoints58.tar) to build successfully.

The single threaded test cases run to completion and I am working on the
multithreaded and MPI cases.

I would like to make an MITgcm binary available on network.com so that
the community can benefit from a readily available binary version of the
this app. I followed the instructions to build mitgcmuv for each
verification case, and I noticed that there is some variation in the
binaries that I built. If I understand correctly, these different
versions of mitgcmuv are configured to address different types of
current modeling.

What I am trying to determine is whether I should put all 29 (more or
less) different versions of mitgcmuv on network.com. Does it make sense
to do this?

It appears there are two communities of MITgcm enthusiasts - those that
extend the model and put back new source code, and those that download
MITgcm, build one or more mitgcmuv binaries, and use the application as
it exists without modifying it.

 Is this a reasonable assessment, or is it true that everyone in the
MITgcm community is in the first category? If so, then making pre-built
binaries available to the general public probably doesn't make much sense.

Please let me know which model more accurately depicts the MITgcm user
community, and if it does serve a purpose to build one or more MITgcmuv
binaries, should all the verification versions be built or only a subset?

Thanks in advance for your input,



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