[MITgcm-support] KPP and KPP_ghatUseTotalDiffus

Martin Losch mlosch at awi-bremerhaven.de
Fri Oct 27 02:38:26 EDT 2006

Hi David,
as far as I can see, the flag is used in kpp_transport_t/s/ptr where  
the counter-gradient flux (or non-local term) of KPP is applied (the  
second term in the following expression):
kappa1*dtracer/dz - kappa2*ghat*surfaceFlux

In pure KPP kappa1=kappa2, but GM has a vertical component of kappa  
as well and I guess here you can decide whether this contribution is  
included in kappa2 (it's part of kappa1) as well. I don't know the  
reason/"physics" behind this.


On 27 Oct 2006, at 02:40, David Ferreira wrote:

> Hi,
> I just run into the "KPP_ghatUseTotalDiffus" flag in KPP.
> It seems to be adding some contribution coming from
> GM Redi to the KPP diffusivity, but it's not quite to clear to me.
> Could someone explain me what this flag exactly does
> and what's the reason for it ?
> Thanks,
> david
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