[MITgcm-support] G95 build issue: f2c name mangling

Mark Hadfield m.hadfield at niwa.co.nz
Mon Oct 9 00:32:14 EDT 2006

Thanks for your reply, Ed.

I agree that's irritating to have to go to so much trouble for a few 
function calls that have no bearing on the results. Still, the time info 
is moderately interesting.

I've discovered the reason for the inconsistency between g77 and g95 
(the bit that was really bugging me). With the combination of 
preprocessor symbols that applies on g77 and g95, the functions 
system_time, user_time and timenow are declared but never called. G95 
writes their names to the object file with the "U" (undefined) flag, but 
g77 omits them. If I add a call to the system_time and user_time 
functions, then g77 fails in the same way as g95. It's arguable which is 
the more correct and user-friendly behaviour, but basically it's an 
error in the code.

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