[MITgcm-support] some questions

Dimitris Menemenlis menemenlis at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed May 24 10:13:52 EDT 2006

Hi Liuyu,

> 1 Does the thsice package include sea ice dynamic section?  

Not yet.

> 2 How to link the global ocean to the seaice package?

There are instructions how to do this in:
I am reproducing relevant section below:

cvs co MITgcm_contrib/high_res_cube/README_ice
cvs co MITgcm_contrib/high_res_cube/code-mods
cvs co MITgcm_contrib/high_res_cube/input
cvs co MITgcm_contrib/high_res_cube/results
cvs co MITgcm_code
cvs co MITgcm/verification/global_ocean.cs32x15
cd MITgcm/verification/global_ocean.cs32x15/code
\cp ../../../../MITgcm_contrib/high_res_cube/code-mods/* .
\cp ../../../utils/exch2/code-mods/s12t_16x32/* .
cd ../build
\rm *
../../../tools/genmake2 -mods=../code
make depend
cd ..
mkdir run
cd run
\rm *
\cp ../input/* .
\cp ../../../../MITgcm_contrib/high_res_cube/input/* .
../build/mitgcmuv >& output.txt

comparison output is in:

> 3 How to change the resolution of the global ocean model?

Changing vertical resolution is easy.  You change Nr in the SIZE.h header and
tRef, sRef, and delR in the runtime "data" file.  You also need to generate new
initial temperature and salinity files, hydrogThetaFile and hydrogSaltFile in
the runtime "data" file. that have the correct size.

Changing horizontal resolution for a lat/long grid is similarly easy but
changing resolution for a cubed-sphere is trickier as you need to generate new
definition files for the grid.  What resolution do you want to run at?
also contains an example of a cubed-sphere configuration with approximately
18-km horizontal grid spacing.  Some results form integrations at that
resolution are described here http://ecco2.org/ and the input and output from
these integrations is freely available http://ecco2.org/products/

> 4 How to prepare needed input fields? 

Input fields can be direct access binary files on an arbitrary lat/long grid,
which is then described in the runtime data.exf file, for example,


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