[MITgcm-support] matlab script files for Rotating-tank!

Van Thinh Nguyen vtnguyen at moisie.math.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Mar 23 13:41:56 EST 2005


I just started to use Mitgcm, my interest is on lake modelling which is
a closed domain. So I have worked on tutorial "Rotating-tank"
(../verification/rotating-tank). I have run this example, because I hope
this may help me some ideas to simulate a lake. I have got a
computational result, however I still have problem to see this result by
matlab (I still don't use NetCDF). Anyone may have a matlab script file to
see this problem, please help me out!
I also used matlab scripts to see the result from exp0, it worked
perfectly, but in this case it is diffenrent may be due to cylinderical

Thanks so much!

Van Thinh

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