[MITgcm-support] obcs_prescribe and *.h conflict?

Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Wed Mar 23 12:20:17 EST 2005

Hi Michael,

Your email (please see below) was bounced from our list since you sent
it from a slightly different email account than the subscribed one.
I've added this different "chinook" email address to an "accept from"
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In regards to the question, it appears that the comments in the
OBCS_OPTIONS.h file are out-of-date.  The correct way to enable obcs is
to treat it like any of the other packages -- that is, to add it to an
"-enable=..." list or add it to the list of packages in your
"packages.conf" file.

As an example, please see the "dome", "plume_on_slope", and "exp4"
verification setups.  Each of them uses the obcs package and they all
turn it on with entries in their "packages.conf" and "data.pkg" files:

  MITgcm/verification/exp4/code/packages.conf : obcs
  MITgcm/verification/plume_on_slope/input/data.pkg : useOBCS=.TRUE.,

Hope that helps!



i recently downloaded heimbach/s obcs_prescribe contribution as well as
the latest CVS of the
MITgcm code (two weeks ago).

the problem is that i follow instructions in obcs_prescribe file

$Header: /u/gcmpack/MITgcm_contrib/heimbach/obcs_prescribe/OBCS_OPTIONS.h,v 2004/09/20 23:09:52 heimbach Exp $
C $Name:  $
C CPP options file for OBCS package
C Use this file for selecting options within the OBCS package
C OBCS is enabled with ALLOW_OBCS in CPP_OPTIONS.h

#include "PACKAGES_CONFIG.h"
#include "CPP_OPTIONS.h"


now is CPP_OPTIONS.h (snipped)

C o Include/exclude nonHydrostatic code

C o Include/exclude obcs code
#define ALLOW_OBCS

--- now after setting MITGCM_ROOT and ROOTDIR i try to build (note this
build procedure worked without
incident on the previous version of MITgcm)

../../../MITgcm/tools/genmake2 -mods=../code -
disable=gmredi,kpp,zonal_filt,shap_filt \
 -mpi -optfile=../../../MITgcm/tools/build_options/linux_ia32_pgf77+mpi

 Searching for *OPTIONS.h files in order to warn about the presence
    of "#define "-type statements that are no longer allowed:
    found CPP_OPTIONS="../code/CPP_OPTIONS.h"
Error: In ../code/CPP_OPTIONS.h there is an illegal line: #define

so... genmake2 says can/t do it.

what to do?

also why is there no complaint about the '#define ALLOW_NONHYDROSTATIC'

i/m building a simple (i hope) case for testing obcs_prescribe.

m. r. 

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