[MITgcm-support] Re: Leith hor. viscosity

Dimitris Menemenlis menemenlis at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 22 10:16:21 EST 2005

Hi Baylor, thank you for helpful discussion regarding Leith and 
Smagorinsky schemes.

The grid that I am using has 1/16 horizontal grid spacing and 50 
vertical levels.  Horizontal grid spacing varies from 7 km at the 
Equator to 1 km at 80N. Vertical grid spacing varies between 500 m at 
depth to 10 m near the surface.  So the grid definitely does not resolve 
isotropic 3-d turbulence but it's not fully 2-d either.

Like you, I have a problem with noisy w when using plain Leith.  So I 
would like to try either your modified Leith scheme or Smagorinsky. 
Which of the two would you recommend that I start with?

The grid is horizontally isotropic, that is, meridional and zonal grid 
spacing is the same at every latitude.  So the ra^0.5 scaling should 
work as is, no?


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