[MITgcm-support] Computation time

eliyahu biton eliyahu.biton at weizmann.ac.il
Mon Mar 7 10:12:08 EST 2005

Dear Chris,

thanks for the prompt reply.

I want to simulate the circulation of the Red Sea at a resolution of about 5' (so i get 240*168*26 in the x-y-z directions respectively). The problem is that it is a narrow (~300 km) and elongated basin (~2000 km) and the main axis points to the NW. Therefore, about three quarter of the grid points are 'land' points.

One option will be to rotate the grid and I have posted a while ago an e-mail asking for advice on how to do it while conserving volume and preserving the real Coriolis parameter.

Following the suggestion of Jean-Michel, I tried to insert real Coriolis parameters (fCori, fCoriG, fCoriCos) as input files within the file 'data' at PARAM03/05 and the model didn't run (I think that the problem is that the parameters fCori, fCoriG and fCoriCos don't show up in the MITgcm/model/scr/ini_params.F subroutine). I would like to know what I need to do in order to insert the Coriolis parameters as an input file .

any easy way on rotating the grid while preserving the volume?

thanks .... Eli.

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