[Mitgcm-support] restarting the model without pickup files

mitgcm-support at dev.mitgcm.org mitgcm-support at dev.mitgcm.org
Wed Jun 25 09:58:18 EDT 2003

Hi support

I know that the model should be restarted using pickup files. However, is it
possible to restart the model by using initial values for Temp, Salt, Uvel,
Vvel and Eta (assuming that Wvel is not needed in hydrostatic
approximation). Will this work OK or will there be some unexpected results?

Also, if I want to run the model on a different number of tiles (cpus), how
can I change the pickup files to fit the new number of tiles? (I did find a
program Pick.F by Benny Cheng, however, it produces too small new pickup


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