[Mitgcm-support] Unrealistic high W velocities

mitgcm-support at dev.mitgcm.org mitgcm-support at dev.mitgcm.org
Mon Jun 30 13:46:02 EDT 2003

Hi support

I try to run some laboratory experiment and use the model without the
hydrostatic approximation (I also use the phi_hyd calculation code, however,
I am not sure what this means).

Anyway, I often encounter W velocities that are a factor 10-100 larger than
the horizontal velocities (the high W velocities are found in a very thin
region). As far as I can tell this is totally unrealistic and I am somewhat
worried about the results. Can it be that I use a deltaTmom that is much
smaller than deltaTtracer and deltaTClock?

Any suggestions?


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