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Ernesto Caetano caetano at servidor.unam.mx
Thu Dec 4 19:08:00 EST 2003

Dear Sir

I am researcher at National Autonomous University of Mexico and  I am 
working in climate variability over  MesoAmerica (Mexico , Central 
America and Caribbean region). I am very interested to apply the MITgcm 
in order to  study changes in water availability in the Mexico, Central 
America and Caribbean region on intraseasonal and interannual time 
scales are of major concern because of their impacts on agriculture, 
hydropower generation and the environment. The main objective of this 
four year project is to improve our understanding of the elements that 
control regional climate variability in Mexico, Central America and 
Caribbean, in order to provide more accurate and adequate climate 
predictions to fulfill some of the needs of particular socioeconomic 
So I am writing you  to inform that I have just downloaded MITgcm model 
and I will try to intall it on 2 processors PC  (Linux plataform).

I hope in getting your support in case I need it


Ernesto Caetano

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